The OnePlus Open: A First-Gen Foldable Phone


Super high-end phone in every way.

The tech world recently witnessed the debut of OnePlus’ very first foldable phone, the OnePlus Open. While the name might not be the catchiest, this first-generation foldable device has a lot to offer. In this review, we’ll explore the details of the OnePlus Open and delve into the broader question of when foldable phones will truly become mainstream.

Design and Display:

The OnePlus Open is a super high-end device in every aspect. Its design is remarkably well-considered, with a 6.3-inch 20:9 cover display that boasts over 1080p resolution and an impressive LTPO panel with a variable refresh rate that peaks at 2800 nits. This display takes the crown for brightness and usability, even when closed, making it a strong contender among foldables.

The device features a clean, flat-sided design, the return of the beloved alert slider, and a power button that doubles as a fingerprint reader. While the back of the phone sports faux leather (a divisive choice), it does a good job hiding fingerprints and provides a convenient shelf for your index finger.

However, when you unfold the OnePlus Open, it becomes clear why OnePlus took its time with its first foldable. The massive 7.8-inch corner-to-corner display with minimal bezels, high brightness, and a discreet crease sets it apart from earlier foldable attempts. The hinge allows for various angles, and it closes with a satisfying snap. Despite its impressive size, it remains surprisingly thin and lightweight.

Software and User Experience:

The OnePlus Open runs OxygenOS 13.2, packed with features that cater to power users. The device seamlessly transitions between the open and closed screens, making it efficient for multitasking. You can easily switch between full-screen apps or work with multiple apps side by side, enhancing productivity. While some users may want more customization options, the phone offers a well-considered hub for getting tasks done.

Performance and Camera:

Under the hood, the OnePlus Open doesn’t disappoint, with top-tier specs, snappy performance, and responsive 120Hz LTPO displays. The device feels future-proof with its powerful hardware.

The camera setup is decent, featuring a stacked primary sensor, a 3X telephoto, and an ultra-wide lens. While it performs well for still subjects, it struggles to freeze motion, which might disappoint users capturing moving subjects. The microphone quality, on the other hand, is surprisingly good.

Battery and Charging:

With a 4800mAh battery and 67-watt fast charging, the OnePlus Open offers excellent battery life and swift recharging. The absence of wireless charging might irk some users, but it’s a minor drawback considering the device’s other strengths.

The Challenge of Mainstream Adoption:

The OnePlus Open excels as a smartphone, offering great hardware, a remarkable screen, and superb performance. However, despite the progress made in foldable phone technology, they are yet to make a significant impact in the mainstream market. Several factors contribute to this:

1. Price: The OnePlus Open, like its foldable competitors, carries a hefty price tag of $1700, making it a significant investment.

2. Durability: While manufacturers conduct extensive testing, concerns remain about the long-term durability of foldable screens and hinges.

3. Power User Focus: Foldable phones often cater to power users with their unique features, which don’t necessarily resonate with the broader consumer base.


The OnePlus Open represents an impressive step forward in the evolution of foldable phones. It excels in several aspects, but challenges such as price, durability, and the niche appeal to power users still hinder mainstream adoption. As technology continues to advance and prices drop, we might see foldable phones become more accessible and commonplace.

In the meantime, it’s a compelling device for tech enthusiasts and early adopters who appreciate the innovation and capabilities that foldable phones bring to the table.

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